YES! Its that simple.

1. Understand
Here we will listen to your specific needs while providing guidance on what the best platform is for your project. We offer multiple different platforms for the development of your website to fit the needs of various business types.

2. Propose
After we are confident that we know what you want, we will create a custom proposal that covers each item that was discussed in further detail. We will map out the design and functionality aspects of your project.

3. Front-End Development
Here we will design the visual portions of your project and send them off for your approval.

4. Back-End Development
Once your design has been approved, we will develop the back-end and functionality of your website. This includes the content management system, your eCommerc store, or any other functional part involved in your project.

5. Testing and Deployment
Here we will do functional testing. This includes user testing, device testing (mobile), browser testing, and do a general checklist to make sure everything is working. From there we create a copy of your project as a backup and proceed to the launch of your project.