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Nicholas Shafer’s 7 Reasons Your Business Needs a Digital Consultant

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By Nicholas Shafer

The vast majority of today’s companies spend over 47% of their marketing budget on Internet marketing. So, it’s essential to understand what a Digital Consultant is and why your company should use one.

A digital consultant helps you with how and where your business should be seen via the Internet and has his hand on the pulse of websites, mobile devices, cellular phones, networks, and many other options that currently exist or will be invented soon. Managing the technology has proven to be as valuable as managing the marketing message.

Here are just 7 reasons your business needs a Digital Consultant:

1)     A digital consultant is a valued partner

As the world market continues to use the Internet, businesses need to rely on those specialists that they can rely on and trust to provide them with the latest technologies to streamline workflow, ensure that the right places and platforms to engage key influencers and customers are used, and to be there when there is a question about what the business should do and where its online presence should be.

2)     Digital consultants provide technology management

You will use a digital consultant to help you avoid mistakes as well as plan for today and tomorrow’s trends and technology. Digital consultants advise you about the most appropriate open-source e-commerce platforms such as Magento, WordPress, Drupal, and other more powerful and more sophisticated platforms.

Ensuring that you’re building or expanding the foundation on the correct technology will save you thousands of dollars and fist-pounding headaches when you suddenly realize that the site you built for marketing purposes isn’t capable of doing what you want it to later, or needs to be updated and upgraded often due to security reasons, and now you need to rebuild it all over again.

A digital consultant helps you understand the best foundation for where you are now and for what you want to be doing in the future, and ensures maximum performance with error-free clean code.

3)     Digital consultants ensure your website is always working correctly

Your website represents your brand, your current business, and tells your story. You want someone you can call if something happens and the site needs immediate fixing, regardless of the problem. A digital consultant ensures that your website looks and functions its best at all times.

4)     Digital consultants help you keep up with or surpass competitors

A good digital consultant w researches and let you know if you should make improvements to keep pace. Your competition is also working to appear on social networks, create their own helpful applications (apps), and update their sites for mobile devices. Companies can lose or gain by deciding to jump into (or wait to use) new technologies when competitors are. Every company has unique qualities and a digital consultant can help you make appropriate decisions that enhance your company’s advantages.

5)     A digital consultant helps avoid needless expenditures of time, money, and talent

Facebook is popular but not necessarily for everyone or every business. Digital consultants focus on how digital changes affect your business and tell you know how to respond. Digital consultants free up your time so you can concentrate on your business.

6)     Digital consultants help create the strategy

Your team may be good at engagement and writing content, but do these individuals understand the best mix of technologies and platforms for your business? A digital consultant compliments strategic decisions such as when to post and where, and the next moves after that.

7)     Digital Consultants Are Affordable

Can you afford hundreds of thousands of dollars to hire an in-house SEO expert, a social media manager, a web designer, a videographer, and multiple developers to handle your many different digital disciplines and the resources to recruit interview, and train them? Wouldn’t you rather work with a full-service digital consulting firm that can scale up or down with your needs, for much less for the same caliber of work, without all the in-house expense? You will have significantly more talent on hand than

With all the advantages of a digital consultant, shouldn’t you consult with an expert today?

Thank you for reading!

-Nicholas Shafer